Sabzab-Rey sour crude oil pipeline

Project Info
  • Client: National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Co.
  • Main Contractor: Ghadir JV (Nasr Misagh ahvaz, Scetiran, Nardis Energy Projects)
  • Location: Khuzestan to Tehran, Iran
  • Scheme: EPC
  • Progress: Under construction

Sabzab- Rey pipeline project with an approximate length of 620 km is defined to transport  crude oil (450,000 barrels per day) from North Dezful Crude Oil Field:

  • Construction of pipeline from Sabzab pumped station to Tang Fani pumped station: 120 km pipeline, 30 inch diameter, capacity: 450,000 barrels per day
  • Construction of pipeline from Tang Fani pumped station to Shazand pumped station: 239 km pipeline, 26 inch diameter, capacity: 295,000 barrels per day
  • Construction of pipeline from Shazand pumped station to Rey terminal: 279 km pipeline, 18 inch diameter, capacity: 105,000 barrels per day
  • Construction of 6 pumped stations including: Sabzab, Tang Fani, Asar, Pol Baba, Razan and Shazand
  • Construction of Namak pressure reduction station and Rey terminal facility
  • Construction of power transmission lines and substations in Sabzab, Tang Fani and Asar stations

Role of Farab Construction Co.

  • Civil works, installation and precommissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment for Razan station

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