To be a knowledge-based company for the implementation of the supply chain of Farab projects’ equipment and other infrastructure projects in Iran


With emphasizing on:

  • Knowledge of hydro turbine design and engineering
  • Valuable experience in engineering and equipment supply chain management
  • Proficient experts (in the field of engineering and equipment supply chain management)
  • Agile and dynamic organization for engineering and supply projects management
  • Exploiting capability of local industrial potentials (local manufacturer management)
  • Farab Group capabilities (for infrastructure projects and finance management)

Farab Equipment Manufacturing Co. works in the implementation of the supply chain of water and energy projects, rail and mining industries of the Farab and other infrastructure projects in Iran.

In addition to collaborating with reputable manufacturers and brands to implement supply chain of:

  • Main equipment of hydro power plant:
    • Turbine, generator, butterfly valve and hydro-mechanical equipment
  • Thermal power plant equipment
    • Air cooled condenser (ACC), heat recovery steam generator (HRSG)
    • Steel structure, steam ducts, storages, expansion joints and …
  • Rail industries equipment
    • Air conditioning systems, electrification systems and relevant auxiliaries
  • Infrastructure projects’ equipment
    • Overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes, elevators, trash racks cleaning machines and …
  • Management contracting of infrastructure projects
    • Supervision and expediting of equipment manufacturing and transportation management of heavy equipment

the company is tries to improve competitive advantages and profitability.

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