Corporate Citizenship

We emphasize our unending commitment to excellent QUALITY, preserving and improvement of HEALTH, considering SAFETY everywhere and maintaining the ENVIRONMENT in all our objectives, activities and areas of works. Farab respects employees’ rights, shareholder interests, environment protection, community involvement, and supplier, contractor and social rights.

In this regard, Farab is involved in various voluntary humanitarian and charity activities. In addition, the company puts great emphasis on sharing expertise with other industries, creation of equal job opportunities for applicants from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and efficient utilization of energy and other natural resources. In this way, sustainability is a pre-condition to achieve Farab group business objectives.

HSE System

Farab has established the HSE management system based on ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards and HSE-MS guideline in order to optimize the performance of its activities and create a continuous improvement mechanism in HSE for the purpose of preventing accidents and occupational disease in the workplace and reducing environmental pollutants. It has put the following measures in its agenda:

  • Continuous monitoring of harmful workplace agents at all company sites and offices and making effective relevant corrective measures.
  • Identification, evaluation and control of all risks related to the company’s activity and maneuvering in all projects for the purpose of readiness in emergency situations.
  • Evaluation of contractors’ HSE status and monitoring and control of their performance during the term of project implementation. 

Voluntary and Charitable Activities

  • Cooperation with charitable institutes including Reyhaneh Alnabi Akram Charity Institute and Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization 
  • Cooperation with the Disabled Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • Building a school in Kenya
  • Building a mosque in the Nairobi airport
  • Working with MAHAK (society to support children suffering from cancer) Charity Institute to provide medicines needed by children with cancer
  • Establishing a road, shelters, mosques, water transfer, and job creation plans (for around 800 local people) in Tajikistan over the course of Sangtuda 2 project operation
  • Establishing a library near Shirkouh project in Yazd province, Iran
  • Establishing a computer site for the faculty of mechanical engineering at Sharif University of Technology
  • Water supply for local inhabitants and construction of access road in Sri Lanka
  • Employment of about 1,300 persons per month for local inhabitants in Sri Lanka
  • Full observance of environmental standards and requirements during blasting in dam body and access tunnels in spite of prolongation of projects in Sri Lanka
  • Full observance of protection and safety standards during the use of 1,000 tons of explosives in Sri Lanka

Cooperation with Scientific and Research Institutes and Centers

  • Close cooperation with universities and admitting interns as well as sponsoring dissertations in relevant fields including those at Sharif University of Technology
  • Sponsorship of conferences and seminars
  • Participation in exhibitions, congresses and conferences
  • Sponsoring books publication of colleagues
  • Providing tours and visits of project sites for university students
  • Accept apprentices from overriding universities

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