Farab Oil and Gas Co.

Farab Oil and Gas Co., incorporated in 2018, is an independent energy company based in Iran. Farab Oil and Gas Co. started it works under the guidance of the powerful Farab Group in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Farab Oil and Gas Co., as a general contractor, is an integrated energy company whose activities span the entire value chain in midstream and downstream including oil and gas refining, petrochemicals marketing, NGL and LNG plants, oil and gas pipelines as well as new high-tech venture capitalizing.

Farab Oil and Gas Co. has the know-how to create value for our shareholders through active investment, performing as the business developer, providing finance for EPC and EPCF projects, high level managing of our projects, building world class partnerships and effective risk management.

Farab Oil and Gas Co. is committed to creating sustainability and being recognized as a world class general contractor in Iran’s energy and petrochemical sector.

Farab Oil and Gas Co. capabilities are project management, financing arrangement, procurement services and trade of petroleum and petrochemical products.

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