Farab Equipment Manufacturing Company

Farab Equipment Manufacturing Co. was established in 2000 by Farab Co. with the objective of localization of technology and knowledge of design, engineering and manufacturing of hydro power plants equipment utilizing local manufacturing resources in Iran. We have the know-how to design different types of hydro turbines and butterfly valve equipment for hydro power plants. In addition to our power related projects, we have a good track of record in 1-D (SES) and 3-D simulation of railway tunnels and road tunnel ventilation systems. In cooperation with local manufacturers, Farab Equipment Manufacturing Co. has delivered power plant equipment such as hydro turbines, inlet valves, generators, hydro mechanical equipment, gantry and overhead cranes, pressure vessels, steel structures and boiler utility equipment in total weight of 40,000 tons.

The company’s approach is to use the potential of Iranian middle-sized companies instead of the owning factory and workshop. This allows the company to outsource various parts of equipment to several pre-qualified companies. Therefore, in addition to decreasing the time of manufacturing, the expertise, facilities, capacities of the factory or various workshops are used to the desired extent.

Obviously, Farab Equipment Manufacturing Co. supports companies technically and their manufacturing processes continuously monitored by the quality control department in order to ensure compliance with the quality requirements.

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