Farab in cooperation with its subsidiaries and international partners is well prepared to act as a turn-key general contractor in rapidly growing domestic, regional and international markets. The range of services include:


Project Management  

Farab entrusts the management of its subsidiaries and projects with the necessary freedom and autonomy commensurate with their responsibilities. Moreover, the company’s top executives are employing project management methods to enable them to properly execute the projects as follows:

  • Establish an executive organization for each project.
  • Divide the main contract into subcontractors for supply, installation and commissioning.
  • Properly coordinating and managing the various subcontractors through sophisticated planning and controlling schemes.
  • Utilizing the established quality management organization including quality assurance to achieve the desire quality.


Financial Support  

One of the most important concerns of a general contractor company is to prepare financial facilities for their projects. Thus, Farab performs its financial support as explained below:

  • Recognizing and introducing the investor and participating in project financing.
  • Compiling financial models for project execution.
  • Obtaining financing proposals from local and overseas sources, arranging negotiations and taking necessary measures until the result acquisition.
  • Recognizing financing sources with the least cost and the best condition as to guaranteeو payment duration and repayment of risks, etc.


Design and Engineering  

Farab engineering department works closely with its customers to establish project engineering teams with the optimum combination of skills and experience. Our aim is to ensure that the best development solution is identified in order to provide maximum value to our customers. Accordingly, our activities include:

  • Preparing, completing and studying the technical documents for tenders and optimizing the technical specifications of the projects.
  • Reviewing designs done by subcontractors.
  • Designing the auxiliary electrical and mechanical equipment and providing the instructions for manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Furthermore, Farab is able to completely design in these areas:

  • Design of hydroelectric turbine.    Read More.
  • Design of combined cycle power plant    Read More.
  • Design of air cooled condensers    Read More.



Procurement plays a key role in the overall performance of Farab through the full contribution of its resources to acquire goods or services. To achieve our goals, we engage a well-organized and highly-qualified team of experts, with engineering, management, and other related backgrounds in the procurement process. Relying on the power of practical experience, we assume full responsibility for Procurement as follows:

  • Reviewing the possibility for manufacturing of equipment inside and outside the country.
  • Managing contracts with local and foreign contractors for supply and manufacturing of equipment with the aim to transfer manufacturing technology inside the country and reduce the use of foreign currency for projects.
  • Supervision of supply and manufacturing of projects’ equipment.


Construction and Commissioning  

Professional construction management is undoubtedly the foundation for success of any EPC project. For this reason, Farab employs only high caliber staff in construction management with a proven track record of success in both high capital value and fast track contracts.

Farab’s philosophy towards project construction and commissioning management has a number of key elements:

  • Mobilizing the site and installation workshops.
  • Concluding contracts for installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Implementing the coordination among various erection contracts at the site.
  • Organizing a training team for operation and maintenance in the guarantee period.


Operations and Maintenance  

  • Establish of power plant operations and maintenance organization for the purpose of generating safe energy with maximum availability and improving performance coefficients for power plant facilities and systems to achieve the business and investment objectives.
  • Teaching and updating the knowledge of power plants operations and maintenance personnel.
  • The inspections and preventive repairs of power plant facilities and systems which have been performed, planned and carried out as necessary.

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