Smart Grid

Upon the successful implementation and operation of 2*2,000 pilot projects with electricity smart meters (FAHAM projects) in Zanjan and Bushehr provinces in Iran by Farab company, these projects have entered into execution phase, and currently over 50,000 smart electricity meters (AMI meters) have been launched and are under operation by Farab company at 13 electricity distribution companies (in 11 provinces across the country). Farab company’s ongoing projects for electricity smart meters (FAHAM projects) shall continue until the installation and commissioning of 350,000 electricity smart meters accordingly. AMI Total Solution of Farab consists of electricity smart meters (different types of three- phase and single-phase AMI meters), GPRS and RF communication modems, and hardware and software for a central system (Head-end and MDM). Central system software, as a part of AMI Total Solution of Farab, has been completely developed by Farab’s software team inside the country. This software is able to work with 7 million measuring points (smart meters) and to manage a huge quantity of data. The central system hardware and software provided by Farab has been tested for security (i.e. penetration tests) by a third party company and has obtained a security certificate accordingly. Moreover, specific RF communication modems with specific Farab Network Server software have been designed and developed by Farab for the first time. Currently, the said modems have been installed on some electricity meters and are under pilot operation while undergoing complementary tests. At the successful completion of the pilot term and conduction of the relevant tests, the said modems shall become a suitable replacement for GPRS modems of meters in regions that are not under proper telecommunication coverage. Moreover, the corresponding cost of data transmission by RF modems shall be noticeably less than that of GPRS modems. Thanks to the valuable and great experience obtained in the design and implementation of electricity smart meters projects in Iran, Farab company is now willing to collect gas and water meters in the country, in its AMI total solution and to attend international markets as AMI solution proveider.

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