Farab Construction Company

Farab Construction Company was established in 2008 by Farab. The founding philosophy of this company was to execute equipment installation in hydro-electrical, thermal, combined cycle power plants, railway industries and oil, gas and petrochemical projects. It has implemented more than twenty projects in these fields since then.

Relying on experienced and skilled work forces and sufficient tools, Farab construction Company is active in installation and construction of mechanical and electrical equipment (both rotating and static), installation and navigation of heavy lift operations, in addition to its civil operations. Farab Construction Company is actively working to upgrade its technical and executive capabilities and develop its business scope. Its goal is to be a forerunner in the field of civil projects and construction in large and infrastructure projects.


  • Attainment of self-sufficiency in hydro power plant industries in Iran
  • Taking advantage of the local potentials for installation and commissioning
  • Giving feedback about the technical performance of installation to design processes
  • Knowledge transfer from foreign supervisors to local experts
  • Increasing productivity in implementation of projects
  • Equipped with special tools and equipment of installation and commissioning 
  • Meeting the needs of different projects by incresaing the organizational flexibility
  • Establishment of the experienced organization for installation and commissioning of infrastructure projects

For detail information, please visit: www.farab-construction.com

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