Ilam gas turbine power plant

Project Info
  • Client: Ilam Petrochemical Co.
  • Main Contractor: Farab - Tehran Sam Andish JV
  • Location: Ilam, Iran
  • Scheme: EPC
  • Scope: Electromechanical equipment
  • Progress: Completed

Ilam petrochemical complex consists of olefin, HDPE and utility units. The total electrical power demand of this complex is around 4×30.22 MW (ISO condition) or about 4×21 MW (at worst case 42 oC , 60% RH) which is generated by minimum 4 (+1 future) gas turbine generators (GTGs). The MP steam (MPS) demand is 80 tons/hr would be produced by 2 heat recovery steam generation and HP Steam (HPS) demand is 40 tons/hr would be produced by fired boiler (FB) unit.

Role of Nardis Energy Projects Co.

  • Management contracting

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