Karun 4 hydro power plant

Project Info
  • Client: Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co.
  • Main Contractor: Farab
  • Location: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Iran
  • Scheme: EPC
  • Scope: Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, excluding engineering and procurement of turbine, generator and governor
  • Progress: Completed
  • Specification:
    • Capacity: 1000 MW (4×250 MW)
    • Type of power house: Surface
    • Average annual power generation: 2107 GWh
    • Main equipment:
      • Turbine: Vertical Francis, 187.5 rpm, 700 tons each
      • Generator: Synchronous type, 15.75 KV
      • Butterfly valve: 5.3 m inner outlet diameter
      • Governor: Digital electrohydraulic governors, 60 bar
      • Generator busduct: Isolated busducts, 16 KV
      • Transformer: Single phase step up Transformers, 100 MVA
      • Switchyard: 400 KV, SF6 type
      • Crane: Two power house main cranes, 250 tons each

Role of Farab Equipment Manufacturing Co.

  • Material Supply and Local Manufacturing Management of:
    • Turbine (Draft tube, pit liner, spiral case, stay ring, bottom ring, head cover, operating ring, wicket gate & lever, Shaft)
    • Inlet valve (Valve case, valve disk, valve disk trunnion, up & down stream pipe, pressure vessel)
    • Governor pressure vessel and hydraulic piping system

Role of Farab Construction Co.

  • Installation of electromechanical & hydromechanical equipment, precommissioning and commissioning

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